A Summer Day in Oxford

Last month I spent a day exploring Oxford and MAN do I wish I had been able to go to Uni here! The city is incredibly charming, and the air is almost infused with academia, I swear you feel more intelligent just walking through the streets! We stayed at The Old Bank Hotel, which was … Continue reading A Summer Day in Oxford


A Wee Wander: Notting Hill

I was recently in London for a few days and took the opportunity to wander parts of the city I hadn't spent much time in before. I know Notting Hill is a must-see spot for many tourists (and bloggers, I even ran into two fashion bloggers shooting content while I was there!) but I'd only … Continue reading A Wee Wander: Notting Hill

London in Bloom: The Prettiest Shopfront Floral Displays

This comes as a surprise to no one- in fact, I might be the last person on the planet to make the same comment as many before me- but London seems to have a stronghold on the floral scene. Specifically, London has become known for its elaborate floral displays overhanging shop and restaurant doors and … Continue reading London in Bloom: The Prettiest Shopfront Floral Displays